Sandboarding in Cape Town

Sandboarding is one of the most exciting and new adventure sports offered in South Africa! It is quite similar to snowboarding but is generally easier to learn and needs a lot less clothing. It is a great activity to do as a group.

Anyone can enjoy sandboarding as long as you are fairly physically fit. All it takes to sandboard is a positive attitude, a splash of sunscreen, a few basic instructions and you will be blasting down a sand dune in no time at all!

Generally, no prior sandboarding experience is required. This is the best part of it as anybody from an absolute beginner to an adventure hero can make the most of this activity.

First you’ll learn how to glide down gigantic dunes like a snowboarder on slopes. It is really easy to learn. That is right –adrenaline is just a slide away!

Learning how to sandboard is also the best way to learn the fundamentals of snowboarding as the basic principles are the same. The expert boarders also show just how easy it is on the largest dunes in the Cape, just up the West Coast.

Sand dunes in Cape Town

Sandboarding in Cape town is greatly attributed to the wide availability sand dunes mainly in and around coastal areas.

Atlantis Dunes

The Atlantis Dunes, which are about a 40-minute drive from the Cape Town city centre, offer fine white sands for adventurers to test their balance and skills.

Atlantis Dunes is located just outside Atlantis and is exactly what the name says, a huge sand dune – or sandpit.

Adventurers are able to take their 4x4 vehicles and no low range is required. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. This is a great day activity when visiting Atlantis.

Silversands in Betty’s Bay

Silversands in Betty’s Bay, about an hour’s drive north of Cape Town on the Atlantic coast, is another spectacular location for this exhilarating sport. In fact, Silversands in Betty's Bay is one of the best sandboard locations in South Africa.

The wind swept Blesberg dune in Betty's Bay is a premier location to experience the down-hill adventure to the maximum. At 200 m atop the dune one can reach great speeds and enjoy the absolute adrenaline buzz!

Hout Bay Dunes

If you have your own equipment, you can sandboard for free at the Hout Bay Dunes. The Hout Bay Dunes are ideal for a nice adventure of 2 to 3 hours.

Additional info:

This addictive adrenaline sport is gaining popularity quite fast. Downhill Adventures was the pioneer to offer sandboarding as an activity.

By using the latest equipment and techniques, Downhill Adventures greatly contributes to the innovation of this sport. They take the adventurers to the largest dunes in the Cape where the expert instructors will teach riders the proper technique to ensure safety and ease of learning

Sandboarding can be combined with quad-biking or surfing for a perfect adventure day!