Surfing in Cape Town

Surfing, widely accepted as a popular water-sport, is deeply rooted in the South-African culture. South Africa boasts some of the best surfing spots in the world with jaw-dropping coastal scenery which promise a high quality surf.

Surfing in Cape Town

Surfers travel the globe looking for ‘the’ waves. Cape Town is one such preferred destinations of surfers. Indeed, the Western Cape has a surfing culture which dates to years. Closer to Cape Town, Camps Bay, Landudno, Clifton, Bloubergstrand, Langebaan, Hermanus and Muizenberg boasts fantastic waves as well as amazing scenery. Do not be surprised if you find penguins and dolphins joining you, and do not hesitate to brace the cold water. The waves are totally worth it!

Rather surprisingly, the temperature of the usual icy Cape Peninsula water soars in winter, making the months of June, July and August ideal for a surf. Adding to that, the bigger winter storms provide bigger swells.

Cape Town has multiple surf spots along its coast, from coves with gentle swells to large beaches boasting bone-crunching waves. Each surf spot has certain conditions that make it an ideal choice – the conditions are largely related to the wind direction. Before you set off to look for a killer wave, make sure to check the weather forecasts, wind direction and estimated swell size of the waves - then, carefully choose your surf spot.

Check out some of the popular surfing beaches in the Mother City below. Be ready to grab your board and head to conquer the waves!


Surfing in Cape Town

If you want to learn surfing or if you are at your first attempts to surf, then head to Muizenberg. Muizenberg is only a 30-minute drive from Cape Town.

The waves at this surf spot are gentle and ideal under a north-westerly wind direction. The beach front is a popular family spot, and the range of restaurants and coffee shops nearby offers the perfect respite after a chilly surf.

Level of experience: Beginner

Long Beach

Surfing in Cape Town

Located at a 40-minute drive from Cape Town, Long Beach is found in Kommetjie. It is, as its name suggests, a long stretch of sandy beach. Long Beach is very popular with surfers.

The wave breaks both to the left and the right, which gives opportunities for both natural (right-leg dominated surfer) and goofy footers (left-leg dominated surfer) to conquer a killer wave. With the south-west wind, Long Beach is more suitable for more experienced surfers.

Level of experience: Intermediate

Surfing in Cape Town

Scarborough Beach

At a 45-minute drive from Cape Town, Scarborough is a favourite among surfers and body boarders, mainly because it is not so crowded except on glorious days in summer and also, it offers some really spectacular views.

When the wind blows, it is an ideal spot for flying kites and kite surfing.

Level of experience: intermediate to advanced

Big Bay

Surfing in Cape Town

Big Bay is a 30-minute drive from Cape Town. Found between Melkbosstrand and Bloubergstrand, Big Bay is popular with surfers of any level.

Big Bay is best for surfing on a day when an east to south-east wind is blowing.

This spot is known for its friendly locals. It also has a cosy coffee shop across the park.

Level of experience: beginner on small days, intermediate and advanced on bigger wave days.

Glen Beach

Surfing in Cape Town

Glen Beach is just 5 minutes away from Cape Town and is found between Clifton and Camps Bay beaches. It is more popular among the local people.

At times, it tends to get really crowded, especially when the conditions are favourable. It is much loved by surfers for its powerful, hollow waves and beautiful surroundings. The Twelve Apostles provide a spectacular backdrop to this beach.

Level of experience: Advanced


Surfing in Cape Town

At a 15-minute drive from Cape Town, Llandudno provides one of the most picturesque sceneries in the world. The clear blue water, the fine sand and impressive boulders create a really beautiful setting.

This spot is well-liked by surfers and body boarders. As such, it is crowded at times. The waves at Llandudno get really hollow and big granite boulders loom near the right-hand wedge. Hence, this surf spot is more for seasoned surfers.

Level of experience: Intermediate to Advanced

Off The Wall

Surfing in Cape Town

Off The Wall is found next to the Sea Point. It is the spot that breaks off the promenade wall of Mouille Point. The spot is quite fickle.

Surfers have to wait for a short, sharp take-off, which means you have a limited time to paddle into the wave.

Moreover, the drop can be quite steep and one cannot afford to make the slightest mistake at this point with regards to board-positioning. At times, the wave can be quite hollow which ensures many barrelling opportunities.

Level of experience: Advanced


Surfing in Cape Town

If you are looking for some adventure, then head out to Dunes! It is found at about a 40-minute drive from the city in the direction of Noordhoek Beach.

For you to reach the beach break, you will have to trek along a long stretch of beach which will take you about 30 minutes.

With the south-easterly wind on a good surf day, one can expect six to eight foot waves that provides world-class tubes.

Level of experience: Advanced

Crayfish Factory

Surfing in Cape Town

The Crayfish Factory is a famous surf spot. Situated at 50-minute drive from Cape Town, this spot is perfect for surfing when there is a north or north-easterly wind.

It is recommended to check the surf forecast before travelling all the way to the Crayfish Factory.

It should, however, be noted that the waves at the Crayfish Factory can reach 15 feet in height.

Level of experience: Advanced


Surfing in Cape Town

The Dungeons, 25-minutes of drive away from Cape Town, became famous by the Red Bull Big Wave Africa competition which is annually held. This big right-hander is a spot that is rarely ridden by paddle-surfers, but tow-surfers (when surfers are towed into large waves by a jet ski) are numerous.

This surf spot is meant for experienced surfers who have both the required skill and needed courage.

Level of experience: Advanced