Cape Town Fish Market

Cape Town Fish Market houses a lively Restaurant, Fish Market, Teppanyaki (a style of Japanese cuisine) and Sushi Bar which offers a feast of delicious flavours to its clients. The really elegant but yet casual setting of the Cape Town Fish Market complements the delectable food of the restaurant and creates an atmosphere which makes one want to relish and savour every bite of food and learn the culture and history of the area as well.

The décor of the restaurant in Cape Town Fish Market lays much emphasis on Cape Town’s charming scenery and attempts to captures the essence and soul of the past days in various fishing harbours. This is done through the use of historical photographs, obtained from various Cape Town museums. The passion, pain and humility of the fishing community in their quest to make the best catch and to ensure that they get a fair price for their labours is vividly depicted. This warmth that is created by the décor is in sharp contrast with the use of stainless steel throughout the restaurant. In fact, this further enhances the restaurant’s furniture and finishing.

The menu of the restaurant Cape Town Fish Market offers a fabulous combination of both South African and Japanese dishes. There is the old favourite fish and chips, the chic fresh oysters, the unusual Prawn and Avocado salad, the succulent Salmon Teriyaki and the classic seafood curry. The seafood platters are greatly recommended and you can even choose your own ingredients from the fresh seafood displayed on ice. For those who do not have a preference for seafood, there is also a choice of meat and poultry and a wide range of vegetarian dishes also. Children are also catered for.

The Sushi Bar in Cape Town Fish Market with its conveyor-belt of mouth-watering delicacies will leave you craving for more. The conveyor-belt was the first of its kind in South Africa and is a firm favourite amongst Sushi lovers. Seat yourself down while California rolls, sashimi, fashion sandwiches and other tempting portions pass slowly by – all colour coded plates to make it easy for customers to stick to their budget – however small or large that may be!

The vast menu also includes Teppanyaki and Tempura dishes. Teppanyaki diners sit at communal “hibachi” tables that surround a large table top iron grill. This dining style allows them to view the chef as he prepares the meal with amazing skill using the traditional tools of the trade- a knife, a fork and two metal spatulas. Patrons can watch master chefs prepare these famous Eastern delights such as Teppanyaki-style Prawns and chicken, beef on noodles, fried rice, to name a few. Tempura is also an old-time favourite that displays the Japanese art of making crisp, deep fried seafood and vegetable morsels, which boasts a lacy texture and subtle taste.

The combination of fish market and restaurant implies that customers can opt for a variety of seafood from the fresh fish market with its display of live lobster, prawns, oysters, mussels and fresh fish to be specially prepared for you in preferred proportions or to utilise the “take-home” option for those who wish to have a BBQ at home or simply cook up using grandma’s secret recipe.

For those who wish to indulge in wines from the famous Cape vineyards, one can enjoy one of the many wines which Cape Town Fish Market has on offer. Wine connoisseurs are able to relish a carefully selected range of the finest South African wines available. The Cape Town Fish Market fully guarantees a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Whether it be a rapid sushi lunch, a romantic lobster dinner for two or maybe a fresh tuna steak to please those at home, the Cape Town Fish Market is the place to go!