Langa Township

Langa Township is one of the oldest black townships in South Africa. It is also the one which is closest to Cape Town and is a proven safe and friendly tourist destination. Also, it provides a highly unique experience which is completely different from any other experience in Cape Town.

Get a taste of township life by visiting Langa near Pineland! Langa can be reached off Exit 12 of the N2 Highway out of Cape Town and is also accessible by Langa Railway Station. During a Langa Township tour, you’ll experience the “real” Langa and meet many people who are making a difference in the community. You will also see how the Langa Township is rapidly developing, especially in the tourism sector.

Brief history of Langa Township

Langa, like the nearby communities of Gugulethu and Khayelitsha, is one of the many areas that were established for black Africans prior to the apartheid.

The name Langa means “sun” in the Xhosa language but the township got its name from Langalibalele who was a well-known chief who was incarcerated on Robben Island for revolted against the government.

Recently, the Langa Township has witnessed a slight make-over as the government has invested in improved infrastructure.

Culturally, it can be said that the community is homogeneous since most residents belong to the Xhosa tribe.

Visiting Langa Township

Visit and explore Cape Town’s oldest and most vibrant township! Far removed from its humble and painful origins as a hostel hub, the modern-day Langa Township boasts schools, sporting facilities and clinics.

In the Langa Township you can meet sangomas and traditional healers; shop at local markets; dine on African delicacies and party in the township style. At the same time, you can extend your support to one of the poorest areas of the Cape Town. Bead-work, pottery and recycled goods are sold in and around Langa Township

The Eziko Restaurant promises a great African eating experience. The Eziko Restaurant is under the tutelage of the Eziko Cooking and Catering School. The latter which was established to teach the local people how to cook, prepare and present dishes to empower them and provide them with marketable skills. Eziko is a popular spot and breakfast, lunch and diner are served.

Considering to spend a night in Langa. Ma Neo’s Township Bed and Breakfast provides a warm and friendly atmosphere at a reasonable price. Lucky guests are treated with the opportunity to listen to the history of life under apartheid from those directly affected by it.

The Tsoga Environmental Resource Centre is a good place to visit in Langa Township. The centre uplifts the youth by providing training on life skills, training, job creation and environmental education.

Guga S’thebe Arts & Culture Centre is must-visit for shoppers! The centre is housed in a brightly coloured building and like other businesses, it is dedicated to the empowerment of the local people. The centre has exhibition areas, where regular exhibitions are held, art studios and also a resource centre.

After having strolled through Langa Township, pause for a local shebeen and savour the flavour!