Llandudno beach

Forming an arc of really fine sand in a secluded location, Llandudno, a Blue Flag beach is the perfect place to avoid crowds. Found on the Atlantic side of Cape Town, Llandudno is one of Cape Town's most picturesque beaches and its waters are icy cold but just enough for a quick dip to bring respite from the heat during summer.

Llandudno beach provides a great view of the setting sun on the sea water and is a popular chilling and romantic sundown picnic spot. Some people opt for the nearby granite boulders which retain the heat of the sun in order to get great views of the setting sun. In fact, the rocks on the left of the beach are known as Sunset Rocks.

One of the most preferred haunts of photographers, Llandudno is also considered great for sunbathing and recreational activities. The powerful waves provide great opportunities for surfing with a hollow beach break. The beach is also popular with surf skiers, bodyboarders and has an active lifesaving team, voluntarily operated by the Llandudno Surf Lifesaving club during summer.

Visitors can also be also be seen practising sporting activities such as volleyball and beach soccer on the beach and even kite flying. The “Kakapo” remains another landmark at Llandudno beach. The nearby Sandy beach is popular among the nudists wanting a perfectly bronzed body.