Mitchell's Plain Township

Mitchell's Plain Township is one of the well-known townships in Cape Town. It lies about 20 kilometres from the city of Cape Town on False Bay, just west of Langa, another township of Cape Town.

Though it was mainly known for notorious reasons, Mitchell's Plain Township is now opening up to tourism opportunities and the number of visitors to the area is now on the rise.

Brief history of Mitchell's Plain Township

Mitchell's Plain was built about 20 years ago as the area for coloureds and erected to house the middle income group. Along with the Cape Flats, Mitchell's Plain Township is the region where the displaced inhabitants of District Six were forced to relocate.

Today Mitchell's Plain Township houses almost a million residents and a diversity of class backgrounds. It is economically divided into east and west-the western half of Westridge, Rocklands and Portlands is wealthier than the eastern half of Tafelsig, Beacon Valley and Eastridge.

In the 70s, Mitchell's Plain Township was a model example of a successful African township. For some time, it was a forgotten and neglected area but recently it has seen retail development and has many shops.

Visiting Mitchell's Plain Township

While on a Mitchell's Plain Township tour, look for interactions with the local people. Many of them have tales from the apartheid to narrate. What makes these stories intriguing is the personal touch of the local people-which gives a unique flavour to each story.

At first, the poverty and unfavourable conditions in which the people live may strike you but what lie beyond these are the courage, strength and determination of a community which is struggling to make its presence felt and to take its destiny in its hands.

Other than that, the biggest attraction in Mitchell's Plain Township is the Liberty Promenade.

Liberty Promenade

Liberty Promenade is Mitchell's Plain is a fabulous shopping centre filled with an abundance of shops, restaurants and more. It opened in November 2003 and has been a major attraction since.

The Liberty Promenade attracts many visitors due to its large entertainment wing which houses a bowling complex, a cinema and a foodcourt.

There are over 185 stores to visit with a wide variety of items for sale at the Liberty Promenade. After a day in and out of the many fashion shops including Woolworths, Mr Price, Foshini and a number of unique shops, you can have lunch at Romans Pizza, Fishermans Lane, KFC or Carnival Of Cuisine.

Whether you are going to pamper yourself with shopping spree, looking for the perfect gift or taking the family for an afternoon out, you will find exactly what you are looking for here.