Noordhoek beach

Located on the Atlantic Cape coast, this tranquil little jewel is on one side defined by the lighthouse in Kommetjie and by the Chapman's peak thrusting into the sea. Backed by the National park-protected wetlands, Noordhoek is still not within the tentacles of urbanisation, which singles it out from other beaches in Cape Town.

It has a pleasant rustic village atmosphere with fantastic mountain and sea views. Here, horses, pigs, cows, hens, ducks, geese and rabbits can be seen roaming around in gardens and open public spaces. Even wild peacocks, guinea fowl, Egyptian geese and suricats can be found wandering.

The long stretch of white sand that seems endless is a popular tourists destination, especially in summer. This long beach of 8 km is the Cape's widest beach is perfect for horse riding, kite flying, kite surfing, surfing, body boarding, jogging, sand castle building or simply beach walks and anyone up for some sun tanning and chilling.

The Kakapo wreck is found almost at the end of the beach. As one draws closer, the outline of this old steamship can be seen. It hit the beach in 1900s after it mistook the Chapman's peak for Cape Point. The remnants of the shipwreck are now an important landmark in the otherwise featureless long beach.

Also, watch out for whales or dolphins in season! Noordhoek beach also offers beautiful sunsets. So join a couple of friends to enjoy the sundownwer and just absorb the atmosphere and savour the moment!