Old Biscuit Mill

The Old Biscuit Mill, as the name suggest was a biscuit mill which has now been converted into an open space which houses several quirky shops. It is found in the lively and friendly little village of Woodstock where talented people come together to share their heart-felt passions.

The Mill is home to day and night markets, office space, many workshops and designer stores, delicious farm stalls and restaurants. Come and explore the Mill and meet some of South Africa’s most creative and talented designers, artists, photographers, and connoisseurs of fine taste and décor.

A favourite hangout in Cape Town, the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock is where most local early-risers go to on Saturday mornings.

Brief history of the Old Biscuit Mill

The Old Biscuit Mill seems to have started as a factory for ‘Pioneer’, then ‘Standard Mills’ and was a mill for ‘Pyotts’ (from what the lettering down the side of the square brick chimney seems to suggest) until its recent conversion.

There also used to be a mill-like structure, built in the late 19th century. The base of the windmill exists somewhere on the grounds but it just hasn’t been found yet. The history of the Old Biscuit Mill is quite mysterious and every now and then, clues from its past keep emerging giving a queer impression of the Old Biscuit Mill.

Other than that, the charming architecture of the mill always seduces its patrons and visitors who keep coming back to the place again and again.

Neighbourgoods Market

A very popular attraction in the Old Biscuit Mill is the ‘Neighbourgoods Market’. Fresh local produce, regional organic foods, hand-made cheeses and wood-fired breads are some of the goods on offer at the Neighbourgoods Market. Other than that, luxury beer and live entertainment add to the atmosphere of the place.

A visit to the Neighbourgoods Market is more of an experience than a shopping outing. With locally made goods and an assortment of knick knacks which cannot be found in malls, there is a wonderful ambience in the place.

Moreover, being family friendly, anyone can find something of his taste in the Neighbourgoods Market. Gastronomes will be filled with amazement at the abundance of organic goods. Foodies who flock to the place to indulge their taste buds with flavours from across the world will be delighted at the parisian tarts and crêpes, curries, chocolate among others. Organic wines and beers are also on offer.

>The Designgoods section of the market caters for those with a passion for the finer things in life. With more than 30 stalls selling everything from fine jewellery, vintage fashions and bespoke shoes to hand-crafted furniture and ceramics, the market affords local crafters the opportunity to sell their stunning products.

The 10 traders in the Kindergoods section of the market guarantee that children are not left out of the experience. There is a wide selection of food for kids, knick-knacks and games to keep them entertained.

The Neighbourgoods Market assures a complete green experience. It not only offers organic goods on sale, it also has an on-site recycling depot. Even the building itself is eco-friendly.

The Old Biscuit Mill is open 6 days a week and remains closed on Sundays. The Neighbourgoods Market is open on Saturday from 9 am to 2pm.