V & A Waterfront

Visiting Cape Town? Then, drive to V&A Waterfront for a delightful shopping experience and great entertainment!

Located in the busy Cape Town's harbour with the stately Table Mountain in the background, V&A Waterfront is reputed as being the foremost shopping destination and a famous entertainment hotspot of the visitors of Cape Town

With its Victorian structure and buzzing African energy, V&A is a real melting-pot. Indeed the vibrant Victoria and Alfred waterfront is the heartbeat of Cape Town and any visit to Cape Town will remain incomplete if one does not visit V&A Waterfront.

This lively and bustling place has got many trendy and interesting shops, restaurants, wineries and supermarkets. It also houses museums, cinema complexes and an amphitheatre hosting music concerts, drama and dance performances- a real Disneyland for adults! What adds to the charm of V&A Waterfront is the blend of history and modern conveniences which has resulted in a unique platform for all visitors! Developed from redundant docklands and the output of three decades of planning, V&A Waterfront now seamlessly blends with the lifestyle of Cape Town.

Shopping at V&A Waterfront

A real shopping paradise, V&A Waterfront is one of South Africa's top shopping destinations. It houses over 450 retail shops displaying and selling a huge variety of goods, ranging from fashion, jewellery, leather goods to home-ware, both local and international brands. Needless to say, the shops in V&A Waterfront caters for all, no matter the budget.

The top spots to shop can be divided in 3 categories:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Arts and crafts
  • Food markets

Restaurants and eateries at V&A Waterfront

Looking for fine dining or just a cool place to grab a bite? V & A Waterfront has it all! In fact, some of the best restaurants of the Cape are found in V & A Waterfront. Also, visitors can choose from over 80 eateries! Foodies, watch out! Here's the place where you can savour flavours from around the world without burning a hole in your pocket! Moreover, the breathtaking view of the never-ending sea or Table Mountain is the cherry on the cake!

There are also several top-rated restaurants at the Waterfront, where patrons can choose from the finest seafood, meat, and speciality dishes. Most of these restaurants boast extensive wine lists featuring top local varietal.

Two Oceans Aquarium at V&A Waterfront

Undoubtedly, the aptly-named Two Oceans Aquarium is a major attraction at the V& Waterfront which appeals to adults and children alike. This hotspot is a favourite with both locals and visitors. Get immersed in the blue world as you pay a visit to South Africa's marine creatures! Time seems to move at a slower pace as one steps in this different universe. The humming of aquarium pumps and the searching eyes of curious crabs, jellyfish and clown fish create a surreal atmosphere that is greatly soothing.

Entertainment at V&A Waterfront

There is no dearth of entertainment in V & A Waterfront! Be it the 2 cinemas or the amphitheatre, there is always full-on entertainment guaranteed at V & A Waterfront! Know more about the history of the place by visiting the 2 museums in the waterfront namely the Maritime and Chavonnes Museum or book a historical walk in South Africa's oldest harbour!

The amphitheatre hosts music, dance and theatre throughout the year. For those seeking something more thrilling, there are regular boat trips available. Also, there is a ferry that shuttles to Robben Island from the Clock Tower Square. Lastly, but not the least one can tour Cape Town aboard a helicopter and get an aerial view of the whole of the beautiful area.


Discover the beauty and charm of Cape Town aboard a helicopter! From a marvellous height in a helicopter, you can explore the scenic wonders of the Cape peninsula and feast your eyes with an unforgettable experience of seeing Cape Town from a bird's eye-view.

Aboard a helicopter, one can discover the colourful cultures of the Cape, see the jagged headland of Cape Point at the southern-most tip of the peninsula, treat yourself with views of the rugged majesty of Table Mountain and witness the beauty of the blue oceans.

V & A Waterfront is one of the places in Cape Town which has a helipad and hence is the departure and landing point for helicopter trips. A perfect thrilling experience to be enjoyed with your dear and nears!

Historical Walk

The V&A Waterfront oozes with tales at almost every corner. Each of the numerous landmarks has a story of its own and is reminiscent of one thing or the other on the history of what now constitutes this waterfront in all its grandeur.

Tread down the miles back to a by-gone era with a historical walk in this stupendous place. Relive the time of sailors, seafarers and bold adventure seekers.