Car Rental Policy

Rental rates

Daily Rental rates are based on a 24 hour "rental day" starting at the time of rental. The minimum charge is one day.

Unlimited mileage

Benefit from unlimited mileage on booking your car for more than 3 days, allowing you to travel as much as you like.

Driver's License

We rent cars only to drivers who are in possession of a valid driving license. Driving Licenses issued by the South African authority is accepted. For foreigners, we accept only driving licenses which are in English and which contain a photograph of the driver.

Reservation and Payment

A Holding Deposit is held by the company on inception of the rental for all additional costs incurred while hiring the car. The Holding deposit is subject to the type of vehicle.

Petrol / Diesel

Each vehicle collected with a full tank and it is preferable to fill up before returning the vehicle. Should the vehicle not be returned with a full tank, the vehicle will be re-fueled at the fuel price at the time, as well as a fuel surcharge of 10% will be added to the rental. Any other refill will be at the client's cost.

The Rental Rates Exclude

  • Petrol/Diesel costs
  • Underage Driver's Fee
  • Toll fees

Rental periods

We do daily and monthly rentals.